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In-person counseling fosters a sense of connection in a safe, confidential environment. This allows individuals, couples, families, and groups to grow and pursue their development goals.



Remote counseling offers you the same benefits of in-person counseling with greater flexibility; counseling when and where you need it. 



Seminars & workshops create learning opportunities for teams & organizations. Our insightful and interactive content creates a unique experience for any audience.

The people we serve


(6 -10 years)

We help your child learn how to manage environmental, psychological, social, physical, and academic challenges in order to improve resiliency, coping skills, and adjustment.


(11 -19 years)

We walk with you through the most foundational physical, developmental, and social transitions to help you establish your sense of identity, independence, and connection.

Young Adults

We support you while you are developing yourself in the areas of education, career, friendships, and intimate relationships.


We provide a safe place for you to process and learn to manage all areas of life while working on current issues and goals.


We work with you as a couple (dating, engaged, or married) to identify areas to grow and strengthen your relationship.


We engage your family in a collaborative process to grow together and to improve in a variety of areas.


Our approach:

 Entero, the Spanish word for “whole,” communicates what we are all about: helping people become whole. 


We provide our clients with holistic assessment and treatment by looking at health from a mental, physical, and relational perspective. The ancient philosopher Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Each individual part (mind, body, relationships) needs to be functioning for a person to be whole.

We work with you to understand how you think about and interact with the world around you. From there, we use hands-on, practical approaches to help you change patterns of thinking and behavior, find solutions to problems and difficulties, ultimately changing the way you feel and live.

We believe a whole world consists of whole people loving and serving others around them. We're building a whole world one person at a time. 

The person behind Entero Counseling:

Peter Piñón 


Peter is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a desire to help people find mental and emotional health. Peter has served people on their journey to wholeness since 2011. Peter has worked with adolescents, young adults, adults, couples, and families with a wide array of needs.


Peter is also an engaging presenter, delivering mental health seminars and workshops for ministry organizations, businesses, and universities. He has taught psychology and counseling classes at Navarro College and Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

When Peter is not spending time with his clients, he can be found reading (or listening to!) a book, musing on the guitar, helping his young children learn more about their world, or exploring new places with his wife.


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