Seminars & Workshops

Personal and Professional Development

Seminars & workshops create learning opportunities for teams & organizations. Our insightful and interactive content creates a unique experience for any audience. Some popular mental health topics:

Mind Health:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Mental Health

What is mental health?​

What is mental illness?

What are the current issues?

What are basic strategies for mental and emotional wellness?

How can we help others?

What resources are available?

Stress Management:

Increase Productivity, Satisfaction, and Health by Reducing Stress

What is stress?​

How does stress affect the whole person?

How does stress impact productivity?

How does stress influence satisfaction?

What can we do to reduce stress?

Your Brain and Change:

Learn Brain Basics and How to Navigate Change in Your Organization

What do the major parts of the brain do?​

How can you use your mind to lead your brain?

What happens in your brain when you experience change?

What are some practical strategies for managing change?

Communicate to Connect:

Develop Healthy Relationships through Communication

What is the foundation of a healthy relationship?

What are communication basics?

What are the types of relational support?

How can I learn to support others?

How can I learn to let others provide support to me?


Manage Conflict in All Relationships 

What is the difference between conflict management and fighting​?

How can conflict management lead to a win-win situation?

What is your style of managing conflict?

How can I manage conflict more effectively?

Who I Am?

Understand Your Personality Style and Learn Skills for Growth  

What is personality style?​

How can knowing my personality style help?

What if my personality style has changed?

How can I grow after knowing more about who I am?

We also speak on other mental health topics by request.


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